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  • disposable breast pads

    Momeasy Disposable Breast Pads

    KSh 700.00

    The Disposable Breast Pads is the perfect accessory to keep you dry and comfortable during breastfeeding. It is made of soft, breathable material with a super soft edge that hugs your body, not visible once you are dressed. It has an advanced anti-slip function which works by drawing water out of the air and onto the pad’s surface, absorbing it to keep you dry. The pad also fits snugly into any brassiere for discreet use.

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    15K Newborn Package: All Baby Clothes You’ll Ever Need

    KSh 15,000.00

    We’ve put together the perfect newborn baby package deals – everything you’ll need to keep your little one clothed and comfortable. Choose from a variety of styles and colors, and get everything you need in one convenient package. Plus, our newborn baby packages are great for baby showers and gifts! And with this many clothes, you’ll never have to worry about what to dress your baby in again! So if you’re looking for a newborn package that has it all, then this is the one for you!

  • Chest of DrawersChest of Drawers

    Chest of Drawers

    KSh 5,000.00

    Store everything you need close at hand with a Chest of Drawers. Made of sturdy, smooth wood with a natural finish, with an elegant design and plenty of storage space, these chests are an option that can help you keep things organized.

  • MDF Chest Of DrawersMDF Chest Of Drawers

    MDF Chest of Drawers

    KSh 15,000.00

    The MDF chest of drawers is a great choice for those who are tight on space but want to buy something they can use for years to come. It also makes a good choice if you have a limited budget and need something that will still look good after spending time in your bedroom.

  • MDF Baby Cot With Chest of Drawers

    MDF Baby Cot With Chest of Drawers

    KSh 30,000.00

    Our MDF Baby Cot With Chest of Drawers is a unique product that combines the functionality of a cot and chest of drawers. This means that you have everything you need in one product which is especially useful if you have limited storage space. The cot is made from MDF, which is strong and durable, while the chest has three shelves for storing toys and other essentials. With this combination, you can create a safe sleeping environment for your baby. It can also be used as a

  • Washable diapersWashable diapers

    Washable Diapers

    KSh 450.00

    Have a baby? Washable diapers will make your life SO much easier. You’re probably wondering what type of cloth diaper is best for you and your baby. There are many types available, but they all serve one purpose: to protect baby’s bottom from leaks and messes. The best cloth diaper for your baby depends on their age and lifestyle. For example, if your baby is going to be potty-training soon, use a cloth diaper in those first few weeks. If you’re planning

  • toy potty

    Toy Potty

    KSh 3,500.00

    The toy potty is a great way to start potty training. With the toy potty, little ones can start to learn how to use the toilet before they are fully trained. As little ones use the toy potty, they will learn how to use the toilet in no time at all. The toy potty also comes with a removable seat for easy cleaning.

  • Adjustable nursing pillowAdjustable nursing pillow

    Adjustable nursing pillow

    KSh 3,000.00

    With the adjustable nursing pillow, you can relieve some of the pressure on your neck and back. Furthermore, many adjustable nursing pillows are designed with a built-in headrest so you can support your head and neck while nursing. You will be able to use both of your hands to support your breast while holding your baby.

  • Squeaky rubber duck Bath toysSqueaky rubber duck Bath toys

    Squeaky rubber duck Bath toys

    KSh 300.00

    The squeaky rubber duck bath toys is a tried-and-true favorite with kids. These bath toys are made from soft silicone and are perfect for little ones who enjoy the squishy feeling of rubber. They can also be easily filled with water and used as a fun bath toy to get them excited about getting in the tub.

  • 2 in 1 diaper bag

    2 in 1 diaper bag

    KSh 3,000.00

    Our 2 in 1 diaper bag is the perfect solution for a growing family. With multiple storage compartments, including one that’s designed to fit bottles and formula bottles, this bag has room for all of your essentials. It also has a changing station and a pocket that can hold a nursing cover. This bag is designed with you and your family in mind.

  • High feeding chair3 in 1 High feeding chair

    3 in 1 high feeding chair

    KSh 5,500.00

    The 3 in 1 high feeding chair offers the flexibility to grow with your baby. It’s three chairs in one, which means it can grow with your child. The design is sleek and modern, and converts so it grows with your child to make the most of the investment. The chairs are easy to clean, while offering a variety of options for feeding positions.

  • Sale! Pacifier with a clop

    Pacifier with a clop

    KSh 250.00

    The Pacifier with a clop is the perfect solution for your baby. This pacifier offers a soft silicone nipple that is gentle on your little one’s delicate gums and provides comfort and reassurance. The clop attachment clips the pacifier to clothing so it doesn’t get lost.

  • Heavy romper

    Heavy romper

    KSh 1,400.00

    Great for sleeping and napping, heavy rompers are a must have for your little one. With styles available in an array of colors, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your needs.

  • Double sided crawling matcrawling mat

    Double sided crawling mat

    KSh 1,500.00

    Double sided crawling mats offer baby a softer, safer surface to crawl on. Protect your floors and baby’s tummy time with our 2-sided mat. The mat is large enough for crawling, rolling, sitting up and learning to walk. Double sided: colorful patterns/ alphabets attract the attention of the child and foster their development while protecting their knees from hard floors

  • silicone 2 in 1 spoon feeder

    silicone 2 in 1 spoon feeder

    KSh 800.00

    The silicone 2 in 1 spoon feeder is a unique way to feed your baby. The silicone material makes it easy to hold and the spoon shape makes it easier for them to grasp. The silicone 2 in 1 spoon feeder can be used from as early as 4 months old, making it a great first food feeding tool. It is also dishwasher safe which means you can easily clean and sterilize it between uses.

  • Teether mittens

    Teether mittens

    KSh 400.00

    Teether mittens are a must have for any teething baby. Designed to soothe your baby’s sore gums, these mittens are made from the highest quality cotton and come with a soft, cuddly rubber teether that is designed to withstand even the most aggressive chewing. The perfect solution for babies from 6 months old.

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