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  • Foldable bassinet

    Foldable bassinet

    KSh 6,500

    The Foldable Bassinet is a portable baby cradle that can be used for the newborn and infant. It has two side by side or top/bottom positions, is lightweight and can be stored when not in use.

  • baby loungerBaby Lounger

    Baby Lounger

    KSh 2,500

    Our baby lounger Set With Pillow is an easy and convenient way to keep your baby’s bed clean and dry while they are sleeping. The cotton is filled inside so that it is comfortable, and the high-quality materials make this a multipurpose product. It comes with a pillow to make the bedding complete, and your baby will enjoy feeling secure and safe in this soft lounger.

  • Foldable Baby Tent BedFoldable Baby Tent Bed

    Foldable Baby Tent Bed

    KSh 1,000

    Foldable Baby Tent Bed is a safe and quiet place for your baby to sleep. With our breathable mesh, it keeps the air flow and keep your baby dry. The pop-up design makes this travel bed easy to carry and put in your backpack. It’s lightweight convenience for travel and easy to use for parents on the go.

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