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  • toy potty

    Toy Potty

    KSh 3,500

    Introducing our fun and functional Toy Potty, the perfect solution for potty training your little one! With its bright and colourful design, this potty will make learning to use the toilet a fun and engaging experience. The removable bowl makes cleaning up a breeze, while the sturdy and stable construction ensures safety and comfort for your child.

    Say goodbye to diaper changes and hello to successful potty training with our Toy Potty!

  • Toilet -like potty trainerToilet -like potty trainer

    Toilet-like potty trainer

    KSh 3,500

    It’s time to get the kids out of diapers! The Toilet-like Potty Trainer will prepare your child for the big toilet. With this toilet-like potty trainer, your child can choose to use it just like a regular toilet or have you place him on it for extra support.
    The Toilet-like Potty Trainer is perfect for children who are ready to make the transition from diapers to underwear but need a little more help learning how.

  • Ladder Potty Training Toilet Seat

    Ladder Potty Training Toilet Seat

    KSh 3,200

    The Ladder Potty Training Toilet Seat is a safe, stable and comfortable toilet training alternative. It’s easy to clean, non toxic and won’t require you to hold your baby while they go potty! The Potty Training Toilet Seat is a safe option for both you and your child.

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