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  • burp clothesburp clothes

    3 pack set baby burp clothes

    KSh 500

    Burp clothes are used to wipe baby’s mouth after they spit up. They absorb a lot of liquid and can be reused. The burp clothes come in many designs and colors. They are unisex and can be recycled when you wash them. They are soft for baby’s delicate skin. These clothes will help you stay clean and smell clean, so you don’t have to worry about getting food on your face or clothing.

  • baby bibs

    3 Piece Bandana Baby Bibs

    KSh 500

    The 3 Piece Bandana Baby Bibs are made of organic, eco-friendly cotton material and come in a set of three. The front layer is made of 100% organic cotton while the back is made of 100% polyester fleece backing which provides extra absorbtion from even the strongest drool babies. With two snaps instead of Velcro for easy adjustment as your baby grows, these bibs are suitable for 3 months and above. Say goodbye to wet clothes!

  • baby feederbaby feeder

    Baby Feeder

    KSh 150

    The baby feeder is the best way to feed your baby without any mess. It covers the whole chest and prevents the leakage of milk on the baby’s cloth. It is made with high-quality cotton fabric and is super absorbent which makes it very comfortable for the child’s neck. This cover will also give you the longest time service.

  • feeding bib

    Silicone Waterproof Feeding Bib

    KSh 400

    Our silicone feeding bibs are the perfect accessory for your little one. They’re made of high-quality, waterproof silicone that is BPA-free, food grade and eco-friendly. The best part? The 100% waterproof silicone will never absorb any food or water—just wipe clean! Available in multiple colors, this bib is super stylish to boot.

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