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  • disposable breast pads

    Momeasy Disposable Breast Pads

    KSh 700

    The Disposable Breast Pads is the perfect accessory to keep you dry and comfortable during breastfeeding. It is made of soft, breathable material with a super soft edge that hugs your body, not visible once you are dressed. It has an advanced anti-slip function which works by drawing water out of the air and onto the pad’s surface, absorbing it to keep you dry. The pad also fits snugly into any brassiere for discreet use.

  • maternity pads

    Dafi Maternity Pads

    KSh 799

    dafi maternity pads are made of a leak-resistant core and soft, absorbent materials to provide the ultimate protection for heavy days. With a high absorbency level, you can expect these pads to do the job right. They’re designed with a special pad that is padded between your legs which prevents leaks.

  • lanolin nipple cream

    Lanolin Nipple Cream

    KSh 1,200

    Lansinoh Lanolin is the number1 recommended nipple cream by moms and doctors in Kenya. Clinically tested, Lansinoh Lanolin soothes and protects sore nipples for breastfeeding moms.

  • swahili leso

    Beautiful Printed Swahili Leso

    KSh 500

    Our beautiful printed swahili leso will give you the longest time service. It’s pure cotton fabric and it’s very comfortable. The soft fabric and beautiful floral prints make it a favorite for many.

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